• December, 10-11
  • Europe Square 2, Moscow
RU / Day 2 / 16:45 / Track2

JavaScript is literally all over the place. In our browsers, mobile phones, watches and fridges, even in our thoughts. So, it seems like a universal tool has been found? Should other languages fall? Or a hammer is not good enough to drive woodscrews? Is it right or not that by knowing JS you can become a specialist in everything? Together with the panel discussion experts we will try to find the answers to the questions listed above.

Андрей Мелихов
Andrey Melikhov

Andrey is a lead frontend developer at Yandex.Money. In his free time, he engages in a non-commercial project "Devschacht", where he translates and writes articles about web development. Also, he makes podcasts "Devschacht" and "Midnight Frontend" and actively participates in the life of the local and the global frontend community.

Денис Мишунов
Denys Mishunov

Independent frontend developer

Николай Матвиенко
Nikolay Matvienko

Full stack JS developer in the Grid Dynamics company. The last two years mainly works on a major e-commerce project in San Francisco, California, where in addition to development, the core responsibilities include: production troubleshooting, diagnostics, profiling, and optimization application performance in production. Nikolay is addicted to attending meetups in “the Valley”. Member of the SFNode community.

Владимир Дашукевич
Vladimir Dashukevich

Frontend developer with 7 years of experience in various areas of web programming at XB Software. Started like everyone with PHP and making layout with tables. Is an experimentalist and a passionate admirer of coffee, graph theory, typed programming languages and the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.