• December, 10-11
  • Europe Square 2, Moscow
RU / Day 2 / 13:30 / Track2

This is a story of self-making as a programmer through the development of a "dream game". This talk will open the window to the world of those who are enthused by what they do and will show the right way to the big games' development in browser. Personal experience of war with performance and searching for the right way, solving pressing problems and incredible discoveries in the JS world.

In this talk you can find useful game developer cases: techniques for efficient data storing, drawing UI on Canvas, and ways to approach parsing binary files.

Download presentation.

Video presentation.

Александр Коротаев
Aleksandr Korotaev

Frontend developer at Tinkoff.ru, supports an application for legal entities and internal services, is also one of the leaders of SPB Frontend community and Drinkcast podcast. Is into visualizations and games.