• December, 10-11
  • Europe Square 2, Moscow
RU / Day 2 / 15:15 / Track1

REST API is giving way to GraphQL. What is GraphQL and what is it made of? How do backend developers describe their server's capabilities and frontend developers demand data? We'll cover static analysis of GraphQL requests on client and how it helps to track mistakes and changes in API. Besides, we'll dwell on the main problems of building and generating GraphQL scheme on backend.

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Павел Черторогов
Pavel Chertorogov

Developer of Internet products, OSS maintainer. Since 2001 the main specialization is web technologies. Has extensive practical knowledge on backend/frontend development, administration, analytics and digital marketing. Since the end of 2015, the main focus is on isomorphic applications. In summer 2016 began the development of graphql-compose in open source.