• December, 10-11
  • Europe Square 2, Moscow
EN / Day 1 / 16:45 / Track3

Serverless architecture becomes an important way we build the apps, but it's also a paradigm shift that affects all the aspects of software development. Most of the resources are still focused on the introduction to this topic, but if you decide to dive deep into it you'll face many more important challenges.

One of the most important part of software development is testing. But how do we test serverless applications? And what should we test when we don't control all the layers of the application? What is the main difference compared to testing traditional Node.js apps and do we need new tools for serverless apps?

The goal of this talk is to explore testing serverless applications and to try answering the questions above and more. It'll cover testing serverless application from testing isolated function all the way to integration tests.

Slobodan Stojanovic
Slobodan Stojanovic

Slobodan Stojanović is a programmer and entrepreneur from Belgrade, Serbia. For the past five years he worked as a CTO and a partner at Cloud Horizon, small Canadian-Serbian company that builds web apps for startups mostly from North America. He is also an organizer of meetups in JS Belgrade community for two years. He has a lot of experience with JavaScript and loves to play with offline webapps, chatbots, serverless architectures and new things available in both browser and NodeJS. Also loves Open Source.