• December, 10-11
  • Europe Square 2, Moscow
RU / Day 1 / 15:15 / Track1

Headless browsers have been a must-have tool for web developers. Developers use them to test their code, run code coverage, validate layout of a web page and automate routine tasks. But the problem is that developers know little about them. They do not know how these tools work or what else they can do with them. We will show you the magic of headless browsers.

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Виталий Слободин
Vitaly Slobodin

Vitaly is a co-founder of Elonsoft and IT61. Before creating a company, he developed various projects with different platforms and frameworks. He has experience with .NET, Node.js and Ruby on Rails. He loves open source software and browsers. Joined the PhantomJS project in 2013 and later became the core developer. Believes that browsers (not robots) will rule the world. A big fan of pure and solid code. Perfectionist.