• December, 10-11
  • Europe Square 2, Moscow
RU / Day 1 / 13:30 / Track1

Are XSS attacks still relevant? It’s been about 20 years since Cross Site Scripting (XSS) appeared as an attack type. Since then we have gained rich experience and knowledge, the protection of our sites has become much more complicated, and numerous frameworks have been designed to protect us from errors. But the latest data shows a completely different picture: in the first quarters of 2017, the number of messages about XSS attacks and the number of vulnerabilities found increased in several times.

In this talk, you’ll find out why your applications are in danger, why frameworks do not protect, how to find vulnerabilities and what tools to use.

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Алексей Богачук
Alexey Bogachuk

Frontend team leader/architect at EPAM Systems. One of the leaders of the FrontSpot community in Minsk. Main areas of professional interest: application architecture and infrastructure, development management.